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Hi! Thanks for visiting my art gallery web site. I asked my husband Mike to make a web site that would display my paintings. He, in turn, asked that I write a brief description of my  past and present painting activities, and my goals for the future.

My Name is Cynthia and I have been painting, off and on, for about 30 years. Time passes fast. Since retiring, I now have more time to paint than I did during my working years, and I would now like to share my paintings with the public. To review my paintings click here.

My favorite dog Zoey will now do the family introductions. 

Hi, I'm Zoey. My mom really loves me. I'm a Sheltie, that's a Shetland Sheep Dog.

  She painted this picture of me in her flower bed.

  This is my sister Sam (My mom named her Samantha, but she likes to be called Sam). When she was about 8 mo. old, someone dumped her at a busy intersection in town; mom and dad saved her. She is a best friend to all of us, especially me.

. This is me and my dad when we were much, much younger.

We all Live in Rio Rancho, NM; where my dad plays golf, my mom paints and grows orchids,  and Sam and I hunt rabbits when we can. We have never caught one, but we really love to chase them.

Life is good for us. I hope it is for you,